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            Lawn & Landscape's Top 100 largest companies

            Our 2020 Top 100 List is now live


            The 2020 Lawn & Landscape Top 100 is based on 2019 revenue from landscape profit centers. Most information is reported by each company listed, and supplemental data are sourced from public records and reporting by L&L staff.

            Companies on the list earned a combined revenue of?$11,042,808,036 in 2019, and companies on the list also reported total employment of 112,101.

            Click here to download the Lawn & Landscape's Top 100 Commemorative Poster with additional data on each company.

            Our May 2020 issue contained stories highlighting three of the companies you'll see on the list below.

            Rapid Beat: After growing by almost $100 million in 2019, the management team at HeartLand wants to hit $500 million by 2025. Read more here.?

            Expanding possibilities: The New Jersey-based Landscape Design Concepts credits expanding its services and selling to a more diverse client base for its increased growth. Read more here.?

            Building a culture through ESOP: After 20 years, Ryan Lawn & Tree is fully employee-owned, and the decision to do so became an excellent recruiting chip. Read more here.?



            2020 Lawn & Landscape Top 100:


            2020 RankCompany2019 Rank2019 RevenueHeadquartersEmployees
            1BrightView1$2,404,600,000Blue Bell, Pa.21,500
            2TruGreen Cos.2$1,409,000,000Memphis, Tenn.13,514
            3The Davey Tree Expert Company3$1,140,000,000Kent, Ohio11,000
            4Bartlett Tree Experts4$326,000,000Stamford, Conn.2,200
            5Yellowstone Landscape5$268,000,000Bunnell, Fla.3,800
            6Gothic Landscape6$232,000,000Valencia, Calif. 2,300
            7Ruppert Landscape8$209,918,054Laytonsville, Md.1,700
            8Weed Man12$187,586,115Oshawa, Ontatrio5,000
            9Aspen Grove Landscape Group7$187,000,000Willow Grove, Pa.2,000
            10LandCare10$186,000,000Frederick, Md.3,400
            11Park West Companies9$185,000,000Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.1,600
            12U.S. Lawns11$178,520,000Orlando, Fla.2,300
            13SavATree14$162,000,000Bedford Hills, N.Y.1,178
            14(t)Ferrandino & Son13$155,000,000Farmingdale, N.Y.335
            14(t)Heartland30$155,000,000Kansas City, Mo.1,800
            16Lawn Doctor15$139,840,000Holmdel, N.J.1,400
            17Ambius16$121,500,000Reading, Pa.973
            18Landscape Development*$100,250,000Valencia, Calif.1,040
            19Juniper Landscaping21$85,808,718Ft. Myers, Fla.1,000
            20The Grounds Guys17$84,286,809Waco, Texas600
            21Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services19$81,900,000Markham, Ontario1,260
            22Metco Landscape 26$78,000,000Aurora, Colo.600
            23Massey Services20$74,899,258Orlando, Fla.2,170
            24Mainscape18$74,100,000Fishers, Ind.1,000
            25NaturaLawn of America23$74,022,971Frederick, Md.670
            26Rotolo Consultants22$73,000,000Slidell, La.725
            27Acres Group24$69,335,727Wauconda, Ill.865
            28Spring-Green 27$66,900,000Plainfield, Ill.650
            29Denison Landscaping28(t)$65,200,000Fort Washington, Md.650
            30The Greenery25$65,000,000Hilton Head Island, S.C.690
            31Garden Design28(t)$61,000,000Farmers Branch, Texas80
            32Lucas Tree Expert Co.31$57,000,000Portland, Maine550
            33CleanScapes35$55,160,000Austin, Texas710
            34Teufel Nursery47$54,399,439Hillsboro, Ore.420
            35Mariani Landscape32(t)$54,000,000Lake Bluff, Ill.560
            36Sebert Landscaping32(t)$50,147,700Bartlett, Ill.780
            37Cagwin & Dorward32(t)$48,500,000Petaluma, Calif.550
            38Dixie Landscape Co.37$46,780,000Medley, Fla.305
            39Choate USA36$4,732,826Carrollton, Texas247
            40Christy Webber Landscapes41$46,700,000Chicago, Ill.305
            41Signature Coast Holdings55$46,000,000Napa, Calif.650
            42Landscape Workshop38$43,600,000Birmingham, Ala.644
            43Baytree Landscape Contractors39$43,400,000Stone Mountain, Ga.475
            44R.P. Marzilli & Company45$42,000,000Medway, Mass.210
            45Ryan Lawn & Tree42$41,238,254Merriam,Kan.310
            46Beary Landscaping Inc.57$41,000,000Lockport, Ill.325
            47Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping63$40,648,335San Antonio, Texas459
            48AAA Landscape50$40,100,000Phoenix, Ariz.615
            49Gachina Landscape Management51$39,171,119Menlo Park, Calif.429
            50(t)Environmental Management Svc.56$38,750,000Dublin, Ohio320
            50(t)Chapel Valley Landscape Company 43$38,750,000Woodbine, Md.500
            52Elite Team Offices 46$38,000,000Clovis, Calif.350
            53Russell Landscape Group60$37,600,000Sugar Hill, Ga.475
            54Bemus Landscape49$37,200,000San Clemente, Calif.450
            55Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping54$37,146,819Portland, Ore.290
            56Landscape Services Inc.52$37,002,149Nashville, Tenn.305
            57Greenscape44$36,500,000Raynham, Mass.325
            58SiteWorks59$36,280,393Chandler, Ariz.259
            59Impact Landscaping & Irrigation71(t)$35,500,000Jupiter, Fla. 400
            60EarthTones Design53$34,700,000Midlothian, Texas240
            61Xquisite Landscaping *$34,544,838Stoughton, Mass. 215
            62Senske Services67$33,200,000Kennewick, Wash.500
            63Kline Bros 74$31,400,000Toms River, N.J.153
            64Berghoff Design Group66$30,680,500Scottsdale, Ariz.375
            65Designscapes Colorado75$30,307,000Centennial, Colo.280
            66Superscapes84(t)$30,000,000Carrollton, Texas245
            67M. Neves Inc.68$29,879,575Dartmouth, Mass. 100
            68Chalet Nursery, Landscape and Garden Center70$29,868,100Wilmette, Ill.350
            69Gibbs Landscape Co.78$29,300,000Smyrna, Ga.385
            70Environmental Designs92$29,250,000Henderson, Colo.286
            71Landscape Design Concepts*$29,225,000Norwood, N.J.50
            72Merchants Landscape Services71(t)$29,000,000Santa Ana, Calif.490
            73Naturescape73$28,998,182Muskego, Wis. 305
            74Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management61$28,845,000Gilbert, Ariz.314
            75Perfect Cuts of Austin82$28,800,000Austin, Texas98
            76Southern Botanical69$28,734,594Dallas, Texas235
            77The Bruce Co. of Wisconsin76$28,531,000Middleton, Wis.318
            78Pacific Landscape Management88$28,408,851Hillsboro, Ore.320
            79Frank and Grossman Landscape Contractors96$28,400,000Hayward, Calif.280
            80Harvest Landscape Enterprises 80$28,000,000Orange, Calif. 450
            81(t)McHale Landscape98(t)$27,000,000Upper Marlboro, Md.260
            81(t)Stay Green81$27,000,000Santa Clarita, Calif.365
            83David J. Frank Landscape Contracting77$26,150,000Germantown, Wis.400
            84(t)DLC Resources 86$26,000,000Phoenix, Ariz.370
            84(t)Scott Byron and Co. 83$26,000,000Lake Bluff, Ill.N/A
            86Southview Design95$25,745,476St. Paul, Minn.196
            87Down To Earth Landscape*$25,678,000Deptford, N.J.94
            88Great Oaks Landscape Associates*$25,600,000Novi, Mich.220
            89Gibson Landscape Services*$25,269,578Alpharetta, Ga.150
            90DJ's Landscape Management *$25,111,000Grand Rapids, Mich.360
            91Designs by Sundown84(t)$25,000,000Littleton, Colo.230
            92Earthworks97$24,985,000Lillian, Texas410
            93Munie Greencare Professionals *$24,823,090Caseyville, Ill.400
            94(t)LMI Landscapes*$24,500,000Carrollton, Texas234
            94(t)Meadows Farms*$24,500,000Chantilly, Va.500
            97Conserve Landcare *$24,016,152Thousand Palms, Calif.350
            98The Budd Group90$24,000,000Winston-Salem, N.C.400
            99Andre Landscape Service93$23,866,000Azusa, Calif.280
            100WLE*$23,500,000Austin, Texas255

            Information about the list:

            California is once again the headquarter king of Top 100 companies with 14 of the 100 companies. Texas (12), Illinois (9) and Florida and Maryland (6 apiece) are next in line. The order compared to last year doesn’t change until Georgia jumped into a tie for 8th place, moving up from 9th place.?

            This year the total Top 100 list grew by $821,072,893 or 8.3%.

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