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            The Herring Group hosting PPP loan webinar Monday

            Andrew Bray, NALP's VP of Government Relations, is among the guests on the webinar.


            The Herring Group is hosting a webinar Monday, May 11th at 3 p.m. CST to help landscapers determine if they should repay their PPP loan prior to May 14, 2020. The following message is directly from Greg Herring:?

            The SBA will be updating its guidance before the latest “safe harbor” to repay the loan expires on May 14, 2020.? I expect the guidance will be out prior to the end of the upcoming weekend.?

            I will be hosting a webinar on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 3:00pm central time to discuss the SBA’s expected guidance and file documentation suggestions (related to the certification of necessity in the loan application) as it relates to the PPP loan and the landscape industry.??Register here.

            Jennifer Smith, an attorney and partner at Dubois, Bryant & Campbell will discuss the legal issues and how the government and others might pursue claims against borrowers for what they believe to be false certifications.

            Andrew Bray, VP of Government Relations for NALP, will also join us.? Andrew works closely with Congress and the Executive Branch on matters important to the landscape industry.

            The Herring Group has assembled this panel because the individuals have different views and we believe it is important that you hear these different views.

            If you have not seen a significant decrease in revenue, this topic is very important so please make sure you get educated on the topic and follow the latest developments.? If you cannot attend at that time,?register anyway?so that you will get automatic access to the recording.

            During the webinar, I will also discuss the following:

            • Current COVID-19 Uncertainties and the Impact on the Landscape Industry
            • Management of PPP Loan Funds
            • PPP Loan Forgiveness

            Of course, we will also take your questions.

            Due to the sensitivity of the topics addressed, this webinar will only be available to business owners.