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            Houzz launches Houzz Pro

            The all-in-one software assists residents and design professionals alike.

            May 11, 2020

            Houzz launched?Houzz Pro, an all-in-one SaaS solution that empowers home remodeling and design professionals to stand out, win more clients, increase profits, get paid faster and stay connected with their clients and teams.

            For pros, Houzz has been a place where they can showcase their work, collaborate with clients and connect with prospective clients. Now, with Houzz Pro, pros are able to manage their entire project lifecycle — from attracting and winning new clients, to building estimates and proposals, invoicing, and collecting payments online, to collaborating and communicating with clients — all in one place.?

            At this critical time, when remote work has become a necessity for many businesses, the Houzz Pro software and new, dedicated mobile app allow pros to manage all of their business activities and client communication from anywhere, at any time.

            Learn more about Houzz Pro in?this video?and in these editorial stories for builders and remodelers?here?and designers?here.

            To sign up, visit?pro.houzz.com.

            Subscriptions are available for less than $50 per month. Given the unique challenges facing the home improvement industry with COVID-19, Houzz is providing the software to all of its existing pro subscribers as part of their subscription.?